January 23

My Smarty Pants Phone…

these phones were cutting edge, but now look jurrassic

Seeing the ‘Throwback’ picture posted by Cindy Indavis got me thinking about our phones… I was so jazzed that my 2009 phone not only made phone calls, but could text, take videos as well as pictures and had custom ring tones! Cutting edge not all that long ago, but looking quite vintage compared to the smart genius phones of today. Making calls is one of the least used options on my phone these days…

It is mind boggling how many gadgets fit into my phone… the ultimate space saving device!

I mean this little smarty pants phone


is doing the job of all these things! 

P1011009and MORE!!

We don’t have a full set of encyclopedias to include in the picture, or every newspaper, book and magazine I might ever want to read… but, being an old fashion girl, when I’m in the mood to read I wouldn’t think of using my phone – I curl up on the sofa with my kindle.

What about you? Anything missing that you use your phone for regularly?

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2 thoughts on “My Smarty Pants Phone…

  1. Dolo

    Perhaps you’ve forgotten….I hate phones! I have a trac phone that costs me almost nothing so I don’t have to think about it. I enjoy turning my phone OFF. :p

    1. ronysue (Post author)

      Oh I had not forgotten that! I’m reminded every time I want to text you a picture. I should clarify… I am not a huge phone fan myself, other than work I seldom even use the ‘phone’. It is all of the other features that keep me entertained =)
      Does you current phone look any different than the one pictured in Synchie’s throwback phone pic?


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