April 14

Baby ‘Squatch!

Big Foot sighting!

They really do exist!

By special request from my grandson Levi…. Introducing baby Sasquatch!

I created this lil beast for my grandson. Starting with a pattern from Brooke’s Yarn Barn, then modified quite a bit to get a baby ‘Squatch I hope will be met with approval from Big Foot super fan, LeviJames. 👀

About average size for a newborn
Business in the front, party in the back! I call him Koko’squatch 😍
Step 1 – the most important features of a big foot, the hands and FEET!
Flip side
Building up from the feet…
Time to add some fur…
Now he needs a haircut!
Baby ‘Squatch holding baby Gleek, the Dragon from his favorite books.

You can find Gleek’s books at https://a.co/d/fDhLKar

To view the original pattern visit Brooks Yarn Barn https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/735179172/sasquatch-crochet-pattern-bigfoot